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(Have this sucky comic— I can’t sleep I just killed a massive grasshopper that was in my room. It’s 1:48 am and I destroyed it… while in the process braking my back scratcher….Oh and I almost killed a mosquito. It was right by my flag. I smacked it… stunned it I think and picked it up with a piece of paper but it flew off or it could have been my fan pushing it off the paper. THE DAMN THING BIT ME ON THE BACK OF MY KNEE. I’M HAVING A BAD DAY ALREADY BUT KIKU WILL MAKE IT BETTER…)


Yeah hi I wanna talk about this screenshot because look at Russia for a few minutes. He’s wearing clothing from China, in his size, which is big. So he either already had them, or went to buy them just to come to see China. Also, he’s eating with chopsticks and he seems to be knowing what he’s doing. (Before I get any shit, Those things are really hard to use. Like I’ve been shown one too many times and I still don’t know how to use them) AND the fact that he’s just sitting there eaTING MEANS that he’s so comfortable in China’s house that he just walks in and makes food???. AND LASTLY, China’s panda is like, perched on his back or some shit which means he’s perfectly comfortable with Russia this shit is normal for that tiny panda like China wasn’t even there but this panda was so familiar with Russia that he was like “yo lemme sit on ur back man”. SO IN CONCLUSION IT IS FAIRLY OBVIOUS THAT RUSSIA PULLS THIS SHIT A LOT. LIKE, HOW MUCH DO YOU JUST SHOW UP AT CHINA’S HOUSE YOU EGG? HOW OFTEN DO YOU WALK INTO HIS HOUSE, EVEN WHEN HE’S NOT THERE, MAKE YOURSELF FOOD, AND HANG OUT WITH HIS PANDA TILL HE GETS HOME, ONLY TO BE TOLD TO FUCKIN LEAVE? HoW in lOVe aRe YouU?


Anonymous asked:

Hi there! I`m Vietnamese and there is so many Chinese monuments in Vietnam`s country,what did you do to Vietnam?

Oh ni hao. Well… it dates back way before many of the modernization of the new world aru. We are very good friends, she is also very nice and I often enjoy cooking and eating food with her!

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