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cursed-hero asked:

Oh you're right. I think I came from the... East.... *points South*. Or maybe North.... *points East*

*he looks around in the directions* I… don’t know but perhaps you should use this. *sticks a hand in one of his sleeves and pulls out a compass* It will help you back home. Or at least go in the right direction.


Anonymous asked:

Ah, perfect. Here you go, Yao. *hands a box of Earl Grey tea leaves* Once again I'm sorry for Alfred harassing you like that. I'll make sure he doesn't behave like that again. Call me if you need me! *goes back home* *secretly left a paper strip with his number inside the box*

Thank you Arthur. *graciously takes the tea leaves and bows as they leave, Arthur with a firm grip on Alfred’s ear*

animearu asked:

(sorry i jist was regretting sending that message asking about the island like the second after i sent it cuz i was nervous cuz you are senpai as accidentally ended up sending the "bad idea" one? i dont honestly even know why i typed it out i think it was just an "oh shit" moment)

(Oh it’s okay xD were on the island doing tours.)

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