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Name: Everyone should know my name by now— I’m just that fabulous. Brandi

Nicknames: Yao— Lil Wang— 

Birthday: October 11th

Gender: Genderfluid 

Sexuality: Teetering between two

Height: 5’5

Time zone: Arizona cause we have our own time zone.

What time and date is it there?: August 31st, 11:29 pm

Average hours of sleep: Depending on what day it is I say 3-5

OTP(s): Too many.

Favorite beverage: Coffee

Favorite sweets: Ice cream

Last movie I saw in the cinema: 22 jumpstreet

A piece of advice for all of my followers: If you believe in your dreams and you can achieve them.

You have to listen to This song: Solo Day- B1a4

Now I tag: who ever wants to do this yo

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